15 Furry Animals Who Will Give You Serious Hair Envy

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Hair inspiration is everywhere! Stores sell hundreds of hairstyle magazines and products. The internet is loaded with sights about finding the perfect haircut for your face. You can look up and download almost any celebrity's hairstyle and take the picture to your favorite hairdresser and ask them to make you look like that! We as women spend a lot of time, money and thought on our hair. From hair coloring, to anti frizz products, to straighteners and curling irons. We frost, we perm, we dip, we lighten, we darken, we do up do's and down do's. Taking care of our lovely or not so lovely locks is almost a full time job. It seems most of us would rather look like someone else. We are rarely satisfied or pleased with what we were given. No matter what we do, we will want a different do' tomorrow or the next day.

Some people and some animals make it look so effortless, so easy, so possible. Some are just born with it! This pig, this horse, these birds, this lizard, they got it going on! These animals can rock the runway with their luxurious locks. Check out 'Viralnova.com'. Maybe you will find the perfect hairstyle for you! From luscious curls, to kinky waves, to long shiny strands. There is the pouffy, fluffy and everything in between. You will find it all! Perhaps you like to walk on the wild side. Check out the lizard with the funky mowhawk! There are curls that will make the best perm look tame. Needing hair with more body? These lovely ladies have it! Envy the long straight locks? Cher had nothing on this dog.

Take a peruse through photos found on 'Viralnova' or by following the link below, perhaps in there you will find the inspiration you are looking for.

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