16 Reasons Pigs Make The Best Pets

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Pigs! Why are these famous four-legged barn-yarders becoming more and more popular as household pets? Here are 16 great reasons why:

1. They're stylish. Dress them up in hats and sunglasses, carry them in your purse, or wheel them around in a baby carriage. These guys are so cute, they look good in anything.

2. They have a keen sense of adventure. Put them in your bicycle basket or plant them in your canoe. Unlike many breeds of small dogs, pigs are quite fearless and can be taken just about anywhere.

3. They're curious! Pigs love to explore just like little children do. But keep an eye on them or they might end up where you don't want them to!

4. They know how to relax. Pigs are notorious for taking it easy whether they're wallowing in the mud or chillin' on the couch, it matters not as long as it feels good.

5. They're always smiling! Pigs are always in a good mood and will cheer you up on dismal days.

6. They're super intelligent! House-and-trick-trainable, they may even be smarter than some humans.

7. They love sunbathing and will keep you company on your deck or at the beach!

8. They make friends easily and get along well with other animals.

9. They love to cuddle!

10. They'll keep you company on those nights when you just want to stay in.

11. They've been known to save lives one precious pig in Illinois woke his family up when the house was on fire, another got help for her human who'd just had a heart attack.

12. They'll never let you down.

13. Their constant mischief-making will ever keep you on your toes!

14. There's nothing more adorable than a fuzzy fresh-born piglet!

15. And if you're truly compatible...

16. They'll be your best friend forever.

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