24 Cats And Dogs That Came Back From The Groomer Looking A Little...Different

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Just when you think you've seen it all, Viral Nova gives you something to crack you up yet again! I have seen bad hair cuts on people but now on animals! This post made me laugh and feel sorry for them and also made be question their owners judgement and the dog groomer's sense of style. What were they thinking?! Ok there are may a couple or a few that actually still look kind of cute, but then there are the ones who just look ridiculous and you can tell the animals don't like the grooming style either. What is it with people that they have this weird fixation on cutting animal's hair off? Or shaving it or dying it purple? Do they think the animal likes this? That they feel more fashionable? People are so funny.

In the wild animals don't trim their hair, or get it dyed all colours of the rainbow. People sometimes just seem to want to treat their animal like a doll or an accessory. Which to me is bizarre. Have a look at these photos for yourself, most of the animals look like they just came from some kind of freak show or circus. The one with the purple dye job has to be the epitome of weirdness. I say just let animals be animals, only cut their hair if they really need it, trim their nails if they need it and bathe them if they need it. I have seen people giving their cats a bath before! Cats don't take baths unless they have gotten into something that gets them really dirty. Cats clean themselves! People will do what they want I suppose... I am laughing more at the humans in this case than the animals. Follow the link in the description below to go to the Viral Nova website for more!

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