33 Photos Of Corgi Butts

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Welcome to the Internet's finest curated gallery of small, firm, hairy buttocks. If you did not reach this page by searching for those keywords, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Best known as Queen Elizabeth II's favourite subjects, corgis are an adorable breed of small dogs with no legs. They are most commonly seen in a brown and white colour combination that makes them, with their large fox-like ears, look like little Lassies (again, with no legs). Along with Shiba inu, pomeranians, and huskies, corgi are some of the happiest-looking dogs in the world.

But just as some people prefer breasts and others legs -- when it comes to fried chicken, I mean -- certain, shall we say, connoisseurs know the virtues of a corgi's furry behind. And only a bum would so crass as to insist these fans have gotten it all wrong.

But why puppy butts? Without the wagging appendage symbolizing loyalty, doesn't a dog's butt mainly exist to keep the manufacturers of tiny scoops and tiny plastic baggies in business?


Don't fall behind in the fast-paced online world of aggregating cute animal photos. BuzzFeed has brought us 33 photos of corgi butts, and despite varying degrees of furriness and sass, each one is a lovely little powderpuff of joy. Especially since Smell-O-Vision never became widespread. I am also certain it is no coincidence that the chosen number of photos looks like two butts facing sideways.

A tail note:

The original BuzzFeed article incorrectly states that corgi butts are known as "momo" (peaches) in Japan. In reality, all buttocks but particularly those of human children and women are generally likened in Asian culture to peaches, due to the shape. The pointed end of the peach suggests a small waist.

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