39 Overly Adorable Kittens To Brighten Your Day

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This is the most epically CUTE thing you will see all day!! Maybe even all year! Maybe ever! 39 Photos of adorable kittens to scroll through! It will be sure to brighten your day as the tittle says. I am definitely a cat lover and always have been. Don't get me wrong I love dogs too, but there is something about kitties that hold a special place in my heart! These photos of kittens are definitely heart warmers indeed. You will have to check it out to see what I mean. I especially love the "purritos" and the one in the glove box! So precious! #17 is so cute! The ones in party hats! OK ok they are all super cute! I give up! Cats make such amazing pets, you have a consistent buddy to hang out with and have fun with. They are always there when you are sad, purring and rubbing up against you for comfort. It also must be so awesome to be a kitty, you just sleep, eat whenever you want, and have somebody clean up after you all the time. Just because a human likes having you around! Some days I wish I was a cat! Seriously though, go over and look at this Buzz Feed of these precious kittens, and if you're really bored and have some time to kill, there are so many other funny, cute and interesting posts on Buzz Feed. I always enjoy looking at their posts. They always seem to come up with the best captions for their photos too. Especially the pet and funny ones. So head on over to the 'Buzzfeed' website to check it out, you will not be disappointed you did! It will totally bring a smile to your face and make you have a better day !

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