A Collection of 12 Funny Pet Photos

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What is a reason we get a pet? Obviously to show your friends extremely obnoxious photos of your animal constantly and consistently at every single social event you hope to ever receive an invitation to. Solicited or not, your buddies can expect to have a photo shoved in their faces of "that cute thing Rocky did" because "IT WAS SO CUTE" and there has never been an animal more clever than he. So here is your chance to grasp a few moments of happiness in this collection of wonderful animals that'll inspire you to either get an animal yourself or to use these photos to make up for the fact you're missing a furry or feathered friend in your life. There is nothing better than stumbling upon a photo of a hamster in the middle of completing a cartwheel you yourself could never even dream of executing. Or seeing a dog with that silly grin on his face that practically glows with guilt over the fact that yes, he did eat the cake you left on the table for after dinner, and yes, he did dig up all the flowers in the garden, and perhaps he carried off your favourite left shoe and it now remains at the bottom of one of said holes.

Pets are quite literally a gold mine for funny photos. Have you seen that Grumpy Cat? The millions he has made just because he was given a squishy face that makes it permanently look like he is having a bad day? I mean, he has a movie now, he has phone cases, he has stuffed animals modelled after him, he probably eats dinner off a plate decked out in gold while his owner eats off of diamonds. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but if all it takes is taking a funny snap of your little furry or feather pal, why aren't we spending more time doing it?

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