Curbing Cat Scratching

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Owning a cat can have all sorts of advantages. They can keep your home from ever dropping to dangerously low levels of cat hair being strewn everywhere. They can act as alarm clocks when you didn't know you needed one. And, best of all, they give you a chance to come up with a name for your cat: the perfect combination of something both cute, and, at the same time, sarcastically pompous or formal. Think 'Chairman Meow'. You just want to make sure you draw some limits in terms of cat quantity in your abode - it can be a thin line between 'quirky cat lover' and 'hey, look, I just got the crazy cat lady starters kit'.

However, there are disadvantages, too. Cats mean responsibility. And even though they'd like to act as though they don't need you in the slightest, you mustn't trust their cool exterior. Having pets can also limit where you live, as many apartments have regulations against them (though, just because you're not technically allowed to have pets doesn't mean every building manager is actually going to raise an objection to them).

Most annoying of all, though, can be the scratch marks that cats leave everywhere. If you have nice furniture, your cat may be tempted to claw its way through the thick layer of cat hair that coats everything in your apartment to the vulnerable wood beneath. And, just like that, your cat has marked their unchallenged - albeit slightly devalued - territory, for all to see. Whatever can be done to combat your cat's scratching instincts? Is there no way to protect what is yours?

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