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Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life or have you been seeking more spiritual meaning in your life? Many people are beginning to see that there is more to life than meets the eye, and that to live a purposeful life we need to be more connected to our spiritual aspect. The video from Universe Inside You helps you to go deeper into an understanding of spiritual purpose and consciousness so that you can unlock the power of your own mind. It helps to understand that we live in the universe which is a field of energy. Everything in the universe is made of energy, and this energy is conscious which means it's conscious to some degree and that everything has its own energy. Knowing that it helps you to see that you are a part of this universal consciousness. It's said that energy can never die, it just moves on to another way of being. So even though our bodies die, we have souls that apparently live on after this lifetime. So even the person you are today is just a manifestation of all the experiences you've had so far. This is supposedly just a fraction of who you actually are. Jeff, who wrote the original article says that you are actually pure consciousness and that we are all a part of the same consciousness which is source, god or a higher power by any name you call it.

A simple way of explaining this spiritual belief is that our souls all come from this source to experience life in different ways, so it's said that the universe or god is experiencing itself through us. We also actually have more parts than just our physical self. Jeff explains that we have many aspects of self, but they can be simplified into three basic parts. He calls this the "lesser self" or the "egoic self", your soul and your higher self. Your truest self is the non-physical aspect of yourself, your soul. This is your higher self which is a thread of the universe or god. Then, you soul is a part of your higher self, and your soul lives in a human body that acts as it's vehicle here on Earth. The idea is that your higher self and soul chose your purpose in life. This means that your soul chose what it wanted or needed to experience in this lifetime so that it could evolve and learn lessons it needed to learn. But as the soul incarnates into human form, we completely forget the reasons we chose to come here as well as what we wanted to experience. So it's said that when you become conscious that you're a soul in a human body having a human experience you can start to understand things and see life differently.

So from your soul's perspective, your physical mind and body is the lower or lesser self as Jeff calls it. Then from your physical perspective when you are conscious that you're a spiritual being having a human experience you realize that you also have a soul and a higher self. Our physical selves are less-than our higher selves or our souls because all aspects are one entity. The physical aspect of self relates to our identification with gender, personality, thoughts, and the ego. The ego is our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It's the part of the mind that goes between the conscious and unconscious, it tests reality and gives us a sense of personal identity. The ego can help protect us, but it can also close us off from experiencing all of the joy in life too. The ego helps us form a sense of individuality too so that we can have our own unique experience. However, it's important to keep the ego in check too so that we can be open to learning and absorbing new information. To find your purpose in life, you sometimes have to set the ego aside and listen to your higher self to guide you along the way. Listen to the entire video and learn more.***

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