Giant Rabbits Make Excellent Pets

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Giant Rabbits! Are we talking about fairy tale rabbits here? No these guys are for real. There are big, they are fluffy and cute! Not only that they make good pets. The bunnies featured in this article are named Jeff and Darius. Edwards, the owner of these huge lagomorphs are not destructive. She says if you have rabbits as pets, these are fewer problems then small rabbits that tend to dig burrows and be all over the place. She says this variety plods along. Just how much do these rabbits eat you may wonder? Edwards states they go through 700 apples and 2000 carrots in a year. The five-year-old rabbit is over four feet tall. This variety of rabbits lives to about eight years.

Having lived a rural life and raised rabbits, there could be some benefits as well. Rabbit manure is great on vegetable gardens, and it is organic! If you live a rural life, have a bunny or two is not a bad idea. They nibble away on natural wild greens, like dandelions; they are quiet, and sweet pets.

Lets learn a little more about these Continental Giant Rabbits. The breed dates back to the mid-16th Century. They can be more than 22 pounds in size. They prefer not to be picked up, but they don't mind being cuddled and petted. Their main colors are white, black, sandy, fawn, steel gray and light gray. Their fur is thick and glossy. These rabbits can be taught to use a litter tray. They will chew on shoes, papers, cables and wires, so those items must be kept from their reach. The best outdoor home for this big rabbit should be at least 6 feet x 2 feet, larger even better. The diet should include good rabbit pellets and high-quality hay along with the carrots and apples he so loves.

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