How to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally without Coloring

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Grey hairs starting to show? Tired of plucking them out or dyeing them? If you're looking for ways to reverse grey hair naturally without coloring, don't worry - there are natural remedies that you can use, even ones that work from the inside out. There's one particular natural medicine that is apparently showing excellent results with people all over the internet. Advocates are calling this nutritional drink the youth elixir, and it can easily be made using ingredients you already have lying around your house.

Grey hair catches up with us sooner or later, and unless you are ready to embrace the silver, which is becoming far more popular these days, there are only a few other alternatives. Dyeing your hair every four to six weeks can become tedious and time-consuming, and if you're using chemical products, especially those with ammonia, they aren't very good for your health. Our scalp area is one of the most porous areas of our skin, and therefore it can potentially absorb a great deal of these chemicals directly into our bloodstream. Although it has not yet been proven, studies are showing links between semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes and some forms of cancer for example, leukemia, lymphoma, and bladder cancer. Whether it's proven or not, why take the risk? Going natural is always the healthiest choice when it comes to beauty, nutrition, and general health. There are several different ways you can color your hair naturally, including henna, activated charcoal, and home-made herbal hair dyes that you can find all over the web. If you are interested in any of these, be sure to do lots of research before you decide which route to take.

If, however, you are more interested in a natural health remedy that heals the grey hair growth from the inside out, then you might want to do some research into what causes premature greying, and what you can do to prevent it or, at least, slow the process down. That's where this natural home remedy for greying hair comes in. It's filled with nutritious ingredients and can be beneficial for a number of health issues, many of which contribute to prematurely greying hair. Premature grey is actually more of a symptom than a fact of life; yes, it can definitely be influenced by our genes; however, it does not have to be as fatalistic as all that. The specific nutrients found in this elixir reportedly assist our vital organs with their daily functions so that our hair, skin, and fingernails can reflect the positive results. For example, one of the main ingredients of this natural medicine is flaxseed oil. Flaxseed has a high alpha-Linolenic acid content, which means it's one of the most abundant sources of omega 3 fatty acids available. It is also an excellent source of omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, containing the optimum combination of the three. Rich in anti-oxidants, flaxseed oil can potentially cleanse the liver and bile ducts, facilitating better liver function and bile flow while nourishing the cells with rich fatty acids. This is just one of the four main ingredients included in the youth elixir drink that you can blend together and keep in your fridge, taking a small dose each day before every meal. As with any natural remedy, it's highly recommended that you supplement it with other healthy, holistic habits, including a well-balanced diet with several servings of vegetables, ample water intake, and plenty of fresh air and exercise.

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