Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs

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Jessica Trinh is based in Southern California and at just 18 years old she is an incredible photographer. Trinh has been inspired by her 2 dogs: a Golden Retriever named Chuppy and an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. Chuppy and Daisy are true companions and Trinh desires to demonstrate that in her art. She sees dogs as companions that fill a special place in our heart very quickly.

Many of us can relate and enjoy having photographs of our companion animals, perhaps they adorn our desk, walls or even a special place on the mantle. Typically these photos are cute but completely uninteresting. Trinh strives to be different, to creatively capture the unique bond that exists between us and our dogs.

It's almost as if this collection is a mere glimpse through a window, but at second glance one quickly realizes that its so much more. It's a steady stare into the soul of amazing relationships. Not just the relationships that exist between people and their companion animals, no this art speaks of the love and admiration that exists when we find something deeper than what's expected.

As you explore these photos allow them to evoke special sense of peace that is so often simply overlooked by the busyness of everyday life.

Trinh has shown us when we look deeper there really is so much more to see. There's color and strength where before there was merely grayscale hidden in the shadows. Don't look at these pictures once, don't scan them quickly. Instead, pour a glass of wine, sit back and study. Take in what they might've meant to Trinh and what they mean to you. Look into the eyes of Chuppy and Daisy and allow a sense of wonder to be your guide. You will be inspired, this I know.

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