The 15 Cutest Baby Animals Ever Photographed. Ever.

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There's no doubt that cute things make us feel warm and fuzzy. The cutest things seem to come in small packages. Why do we find small things are so cute? It might be due to evolutionary traits in us. We are programmed to think certain features are cute, such as those of a baby so that we have the desire to take care of it. Human babies need much more care and attention than other species; the feeling we get when seeing something cute is that we want to take care of it and nurture it. This feeling seems to be present in most humans. Even an adult that is not the parent of a child will feel a sense of nurturing for another's baby. This could be in order to further our species and keep it alive.

We also get a boost in positive feelings when we see something cute, another biological trait that ensures we are programmed to take care of our small, helpless children. We might not want to put in the effort if we did not get a positive feeling from it. Our babies need an incredible amount of care, and our species would not stay alive if we did not have the desire to care for them until they can care for themselves.

In general the traits we find cute are large eyes that are close to the nose and mouth and a large forehead. A head that is proportionally bigger than the rest of the body, small limbs, and a soft body. This seems to be reflected in the types of animals we find cute. It also seems to be evident that creatures that need more care than others are cuter and share these general traits of cuteness. Only the hardest of heart would not melt at the sight of a newborn piglet or baby deer.

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