The 34 Of The Most Adorable Lil Pigs Ever

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It's a little interesting that to certain days on the calendar are attributed rather specific items. For instance, there's a national milkshake day, which, I believe, falls sometime in mid-September. And while, in the late summer it's good for everyone to be reminded that they should have a milkshake while they can, it is a little strange that somebody thought to write 'milkshake day' on the national calendar.

Some of these days seem pretty random, such as 'save a spider day' (which I quite like, actually - someone's got to defend spiders from time to time), whereas others are a bit of a joke having to do with the number of the day. For instance, May 4th being Star Wars day (may the fourth be with you), April 20th being generally regarded as a day to celebrate marijuana (it's 4/20, get it?) and national pi day falling on March 21st (because 3/14 are the first digits of pi). People have a lot of fun with that last one, just because they know how ridiculous it is. It's suggested that an appropriate way to observe pi day is to sit in a circle, eating pie with your friends, discussing the mathematical value of pi. That's got to be a fun conversation. Better yet, though, is 'pi approximation day', which falls on 22/7, because that's the equation by which you approximate pi. I would imagine the way you'd celebrate that day is by sitting in a not-quite-perfect circle, eating something that only approximates pie. Ew.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because, apparently, 'national pig day' is a thing. And, naturally, the internet couldn't resist throwing together a series of absolutely the most adorable photos of cute little pigs that you've ever seen.

You know you want to see this collection. Go ahead and indulge yourself by visiting Viral Nova at the link below.

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