The is the World's Most Expensive Dog, Bet You Can't Guess How Much He Costs

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Money seems to make the world go around these days and the more you have, the more desires you might have too. This article shows that no price is too high for something that you really want, especially if you are a millionaire! A coal baron from China shelled out $1,500,000 for his Tibetan Mastiff named "Big Splash". Wow, I guess you really can buy love if you have that much money to throw around. Mastiffs are an ancient breed that they have kept going.

They originated in central China, and the big brown fluffy dogs were pets for ancient nomadic people. They are really cute I have to say, but over a million dollars?! I think I could think of a few better things to spend my money on. But when you're that rich, you are basically looking for things like this to get you attention and even publicity. Dogs are becoming so popular for people to have, it seems every one has one. When I go out for a walk, sometimes it seems like I am the only one walking with out a dog!

People tend to spend so much on their dogs treating them like family members, which is really heart warming, but where do you draw the line? I know when I get a dog it will be from a shelter or pound rescue. I personally don't really care so much about breeds and would be happy with a mix of some sort. There are so many dogs out there that need homes! But there is big money to be made in breeding it seems though. Which is why people do it and are able to charge over a million dollars for one dog!

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