These 29 Adorable Animal Burritos Are So Cute, You'll Want To Eat Them Up

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People, here it is. It's raining burritos... and cuteness! Burritos and animals rolled into one makes us want them more. *winks* What can you say about that photo? Can I order those five cutie patooties? I would like to live with them forever and ever. Sure you can! I mean sure you can live with them forever. *winks* If you have a dog or a cat at home plus a towel, you can have your own cute and living burrito. For now, we will check out three of these extremely adorable little burrito creatures. Prepare your hearts, guys! You will definitely fall in love with them.

First off, let's hug this super cute doggie! It seems to be enjoying his time being a burrito. Well, dawg, we enjoy seeing you like that too. *winks* Wouldn't you want to hug it forever? I sure would do. The internet calls him the Shiburrito. Say Hi to Shiburrito everyone! Alright, let's proceed to another burrito pet now. Another gentle reminder guys: this next burrito animal is dangerous for your heart... and arms of your friends who are with you right now. I'm certain that your friends would be a victim because the cuteness of this burrito dog is to the nth level. If there is more than the nth level, then it is best to describe this dog. According to Jeff Wysaski in the website Pleated Jeans, this pet is trying to stay warm during the winter season. *silence* You want warmth little dog? I'll give you warmth! Come here. Hug mama! *squeals and gives a friend an arm slap* Lastly, we have here a pup. You know what his human has done to him? He made him a burrito? Yes. A burrito a pup wrapped in a tortilla. A real tortilla, fellas!

Guys, I think you need to see these burrito animals, especially that tortilla-wrapped pup. *winks* To view, click on Viral Nova website below and adore them more!

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