These Cats Have No Idea What Is Going On - And Their Reactions Are Beyond Funny

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Life can be so serious that it's nice to throw some fun into the mix once in awhile. And by once in awhile I really do mean as often as possible without interrupting the flow of productivity that helps keep a roof over our heads and feed out children.

Don't be confused, I'm not suggesting we all run off into a field of daisies giggling frantically, although if that were a proposed event I'd likely show up in a long skirt, with bare feet completely prepared to embrace my chipper & fun inner hippie!

The reality is that interesting things happen everyday, and we can often take a step back and analyze how we should interpret that particular moment. I'm not talking about your crazy Aunt Frieda, who is chalked full of conspiracy theories that she wants to discuss over multiple bottles of wine, likely you need to step away from that party once in awhile. More so I'm speaking of the simple moments in life that give you a chance to silently edit what could've or should've been said. Pictures are great opportunities to do just that, and here we look at some curious photos of feline friends who are up to no good.

This series of cat photos will indeed make you laugh out loud. Just everyday adventures that happen within the community of our four-legged family members. As an example the first picture shows a cat just innocently sitting underneath an undecorated Christmas Tree. It doesn't take long to realize this little kitty is going to be innocently nestled under that tree until the last decoration is placed. Yes, Aunt Frieda's heirloom Angel tree topper eloquently will take her rightful position atop the tree as she does every year. But then after everyone is asleep this innocent little feline will make her move to the top. Aunt Frieda's Angel won't see it coming, but by morning the trauma will be evident. Eventually, it will be one of those fun family stories that're told every holiday season.

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