These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

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Now this is really incredible to see! I have always loved Melanie Griffith but now I love her even more! When she was a kid she got to have a lion as a pet! Yes, a LION! How amazing is that?! Her mom Tippi Hedren and step dad, Noel Marshall , adopted a lion named Neil to help with a film they wanted to create after a journey to Africa. Spending time with a lion in your very own home is sure to teach you a thing or two about them right? In these heart warming photos of a teenage Melanie and her lion pal Neil, you see that these creatures are really nothing to fear once they are used to people. You can see the family playing in the pool, wrestling, hanging out reading and even sleeping with the lion pet.

Its really extraordinary and remarkable to see! I see the love and kindness in the lion's eyes and how much he loves the family. What a beautiful gift to give your child, showing them to trust and love animals. I would have loved to even spend a day with a lion let alone live with one and have it as a buddy! Neil totally just looks like a really big house cat when he's in the family's home in Sherman Oaks, California. Tippi Hedren has even since founded the Roar Foundation which educates people on owning a lion and making them aware of the dangers. It's important to remember that they are wild creatures, and they are not as easily domesticated as dogs or cats would be. The Roar Foundation also has a sanctuary space for lions right in California which is really nice. The family eventually made their film titled "Roar", all of the members were cast in it, unfortunately something tragic happened. Head on over to the 'Buzzfeed' website to read more!

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