They Thought They Adopted A Micro-Pig, But It Was A Scam... That Completely Changed Their Lives

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Guys, I would like to remind you that this article is overloaded... overloaded with cuteness! “What do we have here today?” A pig, pal! A very, very, very cute pig! *squeals* I can't even! *don't think about bacon, don't think about bacon, and don't think about bacon* This article makes me want to have a pet pig right now. Sadly, some people don't pet them. They... you know what happens. *cries* Anyway guys, you should get to know this awesome and overly cute pig. Would you like to meet her? “Like? We love to meet and cuddle with this pig!” I love you already! Now, let's have a little time with Esther.

I would like to tell you a very short story first: In 2012, Steven Jenkins and Derek Walter from Canada want to have a micro-pig, and so they order one. However, it turns out to be a scam. How sad and disappointing is that? *sighs* But guys, it is a scam that change their lives. They didn't get any micro-pig... they still get a pig though, but not micro. They find out that they got a piglet: a 4-pound piglet that they thought is a pygmy one. What's more? That is two years later. It takes them two years to notice that Esther, the cute pig, isn't a micro-pig! Esther grows bigger and bigger. What to do? Give her away? Or worse? Well, we might think about that. Two years and it's just a scam?! Yet, Steven and Derek don't think that way. The love and friendship that grew between them and Esther for two years and it is enough for them to decide to keep her – and continue to love. Esther is an intelligent and extremely friendly pig. It's hard not to grow fond of her.

So what we think is a bad thing for Steven and Derek is, in fact, a blessing. Want to view their sweet and cute Esther? Click on Sunny Skyz website below and prepare your “Aaaw's”! *winks*

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