They Told This Little Boy His Dog Was Going To Be Put Down. His Response STUNNED Them

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Our animal companions are so much more than pets. They are beloved members of our family. And there's nothing like the love of a dog for his family members. There's no other animal that shows quite as much joy at your very presence tail wildly wagging, practically jumping out of his skin in sheer ecstasy simply because you've just come home. And even if you're not really a dog person, you have to admit the unconditional love of a dog is something very rare, something very special. And maybe even something we could all learn from

When six-year-old Shane had to say good-bye to his best friend, Belker, a beautiful Irish Wolf Hound, it was a sad day indeed. The 10-year-old dog was dying from terminal cancer, and the vet had told the family there was nothing that anyone could do. The best thing would be to put Belker to sleep so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

It was a difficult decision, but Ron and Linda, Shane's parents, knew it really wasn't a choice. They didn't want their beloved old friend to endure the pain any longer, so they made the arrangements with the vet and told her they would come in the next day. They also insisted on bringing their son Shane because they felt it would be important for him to witness this moment, that perhaps he could learn something from it. And whether he did or not, they felt it was essential for the whole family to be together, for them all to be there for Belker.

The next day, when they gathered around Belker, and he gently went to sleep for the last time, Shane was very serious and very quiet, taking it all in.

Afterward, they all sat together for a while, processing what had just happened and lamenting the fact that dogs don't live as long as humans.

I know why... Shane, who'd been silent all this time, suddenly joined in. The wise words he said next will break your heart.

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