This Teeny Tiny Ticklish Puppy Is Bound To Cure Your Winter Blues

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This ADORABLE video is sure to put a smile on your face even if you are having a super bad day! It is seriously the cutest thing ever! This sweet little puppy is just so happy and content in his owner's hands, and is so tiny that he is basically the size of his owner's hands! The little one totally sounds like he is giggling too and the owner is laughing along with him. His tongue sticking out with a huge smiling looking face! So precious! Pets really are so amazing, and we should be grateful for how much love and happiness they bring into our lives! They can help lift our spirits and bring out the best in us. Animals rely on energy to communicate, and so that is how they can tell if we are happy or sad and come to us in times of need.

I know my cat is super sensitive and would come to me when I was crying or sad. Plus they are so fun to play with! Aren't they? Many people have pets instead of children and say that their pets bring them just as much joy as if they were able to have a child. Many people also get puppies when their own human children grow up and leave the house. It helps to ease the loss of that energy that they got so used to having around when their kids were in the house, and also gives them some one to nurture and care for as they have probably gotten so used to over the years. They don't stay puppies for long, so embrace every moment as this pet owner seems to be doing. And she even caught a precious moment of her little guy on camera! That's priceless! Check it out at the link below!

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