Top 10 Best And Biggest Pet In The World

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Calling the attention of our dear pet lovers out there! And that includes me too. *winks* Whatever you have whether it is a dog, cat, hamster, or bird, the feeling when you know that you have someone to keeps you company in ordinary days fills our heart with joy. *smiles* *silence* Well, maybe except for cats. Cats are something, you know. Anyway, since we are talking about pets here, prepare for something huge about some of the largest pets. Come and let us get to know some of the best and biggest pets in the world.

Guys, imagine the fattest raccoon invading your garbage. I can't. It's too big, and it's impossible to imagine the fattest raccoon. Well, it is possible, my friend. I'll give you something to imagine: Bandit. Bandit is named by the Guinness Book World of Records as the world's fattest raccoon. Bandit is born in year 1999. The raccoon's massiveness is caused by a thyroid problem. Did you know that Bandit is first adopted by a dog and treated him as one of her puppies? Good guy dog! *claps with standing ovation* Bandit is then taken by Deborah Klitsch from Palmerton in Pennsylvania. Sadly, in May 2004, Bandit dies.

Prepare the red carpet guys for Sir Ulric, Britain's fattest cat. Ulric is a 30-pound Norweigan Forest Cat. According to Hannah Parry from Mail Online, Ulric is twice the size of a normal feline cat. Jan Mitchell, his owner, gets Ulric at three months old. How did he have that too much fat? Ulric is lazy, and he keeps on stealing his sister's food. However, Mitchell is determined to make Ulric drop some pounds. To achieve this, Mitchell buys a five-month-old puppy, Dennis, to keep Ulric on the go. Since then, the great cat has lost 2 lbs more than he lost in his 16-month diet. They play fight and wrestle on the ground quite a lot that must be doing Ulric some good. Ulric is a lot more active than he's ever been and is starting to lose weight, says Mitchell as quoted by Parry.

For the rest of the best and biggest pets, visit YouTube website below. Have fun! *winks*

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