Twelve Great Dog Breeds to Protect You

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Dogs come in such an incredibly wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, hair types, temperaments and personalities. The co-evolution of dogs with humans is a fascinating journey, with dogs filling many purposes in human's lives from guarding, hunting and protection to companionship, assistance and therapy. Different breeds are better suited to particular uses depending on their unique characteristics. Careful breeding and selection over thousands of years has led to highly specialized breeds that are adapted to specific conditions and demands.

Dogs are used for guarding and protection in a number of settings such as farms, commercial and residential properties. Whether they are protecting livestock or property, guard dogs are bred and trained to bark loudly and behave aggressively to ward off potential intruders. Depending on whether a dog used for protection is required to physically attack intruders or simply scare them away, the chosen breed may be selected for specific characteristics such as size, weight, strength, speed, agility or loyalty.

The Komondor, or "mop dog", is an interesting breed that looks like a sheep at first glance. It has a long, corded white coat that looks like dreadlocks. Apparently it can take up to two years for a Komondor puppy to establish its corded coat, but once it has developed it sheds very little. Komondors were originally bred in Hungary for protection of livestock dating back to the 1500s. Their instinctive nature is to be protective and vigilant, but they can also be very affectionate with their human families. Pulis are a similar breed also with a corded coat, but they are black and smaller than a Komondor. Pulis are known for their suspicious temperament and alert barking which makes them an excellent choice for a protection dog.

Whatever your protection needs, it is wise to take some time to consider which breed best suits your needs to find the ideal dog to match your situation.

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