Watching A Golden Retriever Eat Corn On The Cob Is The Funniest Thing Ever

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Dogs eat everything apparently, even vegetables! They're sure not picky in the least! This beautiful golden retriever named Coco - chan, is no exception, she loves to eat, but it is the manner she eats the snack her owner gives her that is the real surprise! You have to see this video to see how patiently she sits and waits while her owner slowly brings over the snack on a chop stick holding it steady while Coco - chan nibbles away. It seems to me Coco - Chan is very well trained! Her owner must have spent lots of time training her to do this so mindfully. Usually a dog's instinct is to go after its food ravenously, slobbering everywhere while they chomp it down. That's how it would be in the wild for them I suppose. In the wild they could not just simply sit around and wait for the perfect moment and then eat the food daintily. No way! The dog would starve! They would have to attack it basically, making a grab for it before any other dog or creature gets to it.

Survival of the fittest in the wild! As dogs are now more domesticated and it's way more popular to have a canine companion these days, people are in a way training them to be more like humans. To have manners and be trained to do tricks for the human's enjoyment. I suppose the payment seems fair to the dog, they have some one to take care of their every need, feed them so they don't have to go hunting for their own meals. They have their waste picked up after them even! Seems like a fair trade. This moment captured on camera is sure to make you smile and wonder how did they get that do to do that?! Check out the link below to the 'Viral Nova' website.

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